Our Products

Smart School System (S3)

This is our latest School software known as Smart School System (s3). A complete solution of all kind of school it contains all the modules like admission, student management, result making, library, sports and etc which is needed school. We have developed it using latest technology by web nature it is so simple to integrate and easy start work on them.

CMS 2.2

Content Management System ( CMS ) Version 2.2, it is developed by P H Solution using latest PHP 7.3 programming technology which is faster and secure then previous version. It is used to developed any commercial dynamic website.

Smart Result Maker (SRM) - 1.0

Smart Result Maker (SRM) is design for all kind of school, colleges and institute for making students result so effectively. It is recently developed and launched May 2019. It is so easy to operate and maintain all the students. Few features are :
1. Easy entry system.
2. Easy marks entry process. Term wise or semester wise.
3. By just click result making system term wise or semester wise as need.
4. Easy to search each and every students.

Cash Banq (CB) - 6.1.9

Cash Banq (CB)is an offline software developed in visual basic 6.0 technology launched on 2019. It is an accounting software for co-operative and small micro finance banks. It is fully automated accounting software to maintain daily transactions. We have recently launched it for co-operative limited. CB has intelligent system which control and manage each and every daily basis transaction as well as interest applied upon them.

In-Trade 2.0

In-Trade Inventory System has been developed for all users who maintain the large amount of data in their warehouse. It contains stock management system, daily buy and sale products, vendors details and many more. Simple and easy to operate instance report generate system.

Mr. Bill 1.0

Mr. Bill is an online institute billing system it has been developed and launched on Aug 2017. Its totally automated system for making digital billing of students fee.

Donation Management System (DMS) - Version 1.0

Donation Management System (DMS) Software is for all non-profitable organization. It has been released on 24th july, 2015 of its first version 1.0. It is very useful software for all NGO or community/organization were they maintained all the donation records on paper, it has so easy method of data entry and access any users records by just click.
Some features are :
1. Quick informative dashboard. which display total number of donar and total number of donation amount as well and many more.
2. Simple methods to enter data and fetch out by just click.
3. Maintain all donars category wise like individual as well as community wise.
4. Allow donation list to print out.